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Great place to live. The staff & residents are very friendly & it has beautiful amenities. Truly an oasis away in Carson, CA.


I reside here at Union South Bay Apt's in Carson, Ca There are three members of our Property care team who deserve the upmost respect and...


This by far is one of the best apartment complexes I have lived in. In the beginning there were some issues that needed to be figured out because it was a brand new apartment complex opening during COVID, but those minor issues have been resolved. I have never once felt unsafe in this apartment. The amenities are amazing. If you like to workout, the gym is out of this world for an apartment complex. I do not need to have an additional gym membership because it has everything that I need. It even has a legit squat rack (steal plates and bumper plates). The pool is amazing to use and look at. If you don't have cable you can go into the main area to watch the games and play pool with your friends. Also, you do not have to pay to get your mail, but if you want your packages to be placed in a locker similar to an amazon locker, you do have to pay a small initial fee. I don't remember the exact cost but it was nothing crazy. You can still get your mail and packages even if you do not pay for the locker. Lastly the apartment is great. The only time I every had issues with bugs was the very first day, but I have not seen any sense. Maintenance has always come out ASAP to fix minor issues I have had. Also, if you are working from home, you can get really good internet from AT&T. I never cut out during my video calls. Overall, great place to live and the staff has gone above and beyond to assist me, even when they did not have to.


I don't understand the bad reviews. I have lived here for a little while and find everything very well planned. The appliances are at the top end of the scale. The pool area with the hammocks and other furniture look very inviting. I especially love all the grassy area. It's hard to find so much grass in an urban setting. I'm also looking forward to the Fourth of July to see the fireworks from the rooftop garden. That also was well planned with succulents to conserve what little water we have. This is the nicest place I have ever lived in and, believe me, I have moved around from Northern California to Southern California.


Such a lovely apartment complex! From the amenities to the actual homes, It was so hard to choose a unit. They are all so beautiful! Great floor plans and...


Gorgeous amenities & excellent staff!


I moved in late December to Union SB. I visited several apt options and chose Union SB because it's a new, attractive facility, conveniently located, with...


Union South Bay has been a great experience. Everything great begins with the Management onsite. And the property is exquisite. From the apartment unit to the amenities that are available (and those that will become available pending COVID 19), the feeling is luxurious. If you are looking for a vibrant, cool, and pleasant location, full of exciting community activities, Union South Bay is the spot for you. - Resident


This will be a super nice place to reside. I wish this was a condominium property. Thank you for welcoming me to living SMART (technology) Really cool staff !


This will be a super nice place to reside. I wish this was a condominium property. Thank you for welcoming me to living SMART (technology) Really cool staff !